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    Discover Bacco's extensive range of bituminous products tailored for diverse construction applications. Our product line is strategically categorized into three primary sections for effortless selection: road, roof, and wall application. Explore the optimal solution for your project needs with Bacco.

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    Bacco TV info channel will expertly inform you about the possible applications of Bacco products

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    Bacco TV info channel will expertly inform you about the possible applications of Bacco products

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    At Bacco, our commitment extends far beyond the point of sale. We maintain continuous engagement with our clients to ensure that their product needs are fully satisfied long after purchase. Our dedication to customer satisfaction ensures a lasting relationship built on trust and support.

    Why Choose Us

    The most important goals are to be a reliable partner for our domestic and foreign customers and to maintain and constantly improve the high level of product quality and customer service in the long term.

    Bacco's favourable geographical location - in the Middle East - enables us to be close to our customers with short delivery times and competent on-site advice.

    18 Years of

    BACCO emerged from 18 years of expertise in bitumen production. Our team is highly skilled and extensively trained in this specialized field.

    Fast & Effective

    Our mission at BACCO is to deliver the most effective and practical solutions within our industry. To achieve this goal, we prioritize continuous research and development to stay at the forefront of innovation.

    Best Industry

    We place a strong emphasis on training all our staff members to uphold quality standards, prioritize customer respect, and deliver exceptional after-sales services.

    Wide range of

    Explore our range of premium products, including a variety of hot and cold-applied bitumen mastics and primers, polymer-modified bitumen (PMB), sealants, bitumen emulsions, cutbacks, and more.


    About Bacco

    Bitumen and Coating Co (BACCO) was founded in 2020 with the purpose of innovating new products in the realm of road and building insulation.

    This company's construction product range features specialized Polymer Modified Bitumen (PMB) alongside various hot and cold-applied bitumen mastics. These products are utilized for treating road surfaces, concrete, and metal surfaces, complemented by both cold-applied and hot-applied bitumen primers.

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